Dr. へっくん

Dr. Héctor Andrade Loarca

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Group of LMU München (where I also finished my PhD) working mainly on Deep Learning for 3D shape reconstruction. I am also interested biomedical imaging, inverse rendering and computer graphics/vision in general. I am funded by the SFB Transregio 109 Project C09 in collaboration with Prof. Gitta Kuytion (LMU) and Prof Daniel Cremers (TUM) . In addition, I am Head of AI at the Boston-based medtech startup AngioWave Imaging (AWI) LLC, where I am also a founding employee, leading the R&D team on the developement of biomedical imaging AI applications.

I am also the main developer of the Multidimensional Signal Processing julia library Shearlab.jl. More recently I implemented a tensorflow front-end of this library, called tfShearlab.

Previously I was a PhD student in Mathematics at the Applied Functional Analysis Group of TU Berlin working mainly on Deep Learning, Compressed Sensing and Image Processing. My PhD project was centered on the use of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for learning tomographic reconstructions, and the microlocal analysis of the associated architectures.

I was also part of the graduate program Berlin Mathematical School, being a Phase II scholarship holder.

For further information you can consult my cv, you can also visit my LinkedIn profile, and my software projects on my github repository. I refer to my google scholar profile and my ResearchGate profile

You can also watch bellow my talks at the last two JuliaCon and PyData: